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Nature Documentary Secrets with Gavin Thurston
The News Junkie: Interviews Season 2 kicks off with an interview with Emmy Award-winning nature documentarian Gavin Thurston. He's friends with Sir David Attenborough, has traveled the world experiencing things that will blow your mind and has even been slapped by a Gorilla. Get his new book 'Journeys in the Wild: The Secret Life of a Cameraman' on Amazon now.
What Is It Like To Get A Double Lung Transplant?
There are currently 120,000 people waiting on organ transplant lists across the United States. Each year, over 35,000 transplant procedures slowly chip away at this growing list. Of those 35,000, about 35 get a lung transplant. Our guest this week, Joel Kelly dishes up the wild details of what it's like to get a double lung transplant.
What Is It Like To Be On Big Brother?
Each year, millions of people tune in to watch about a dozen other people live in a house on television. Every second of the contestants lives is broadcast on the Internet and on a television show produced several days each week. People have learned of family tragedies, events like 9/11, their positive HIV status and more as the audience watches it all. But what is it like to be on CBS's Big Brother? How do you get on the show? What are the production secrets everyone wants to know? This week we talk to Rachel Swindler, star of Big Brother 20.
Why Do People Chase Tornadoes?
Tornadoes damage homes to the tune of about $400 million each year. They also kill, on average, about 70 people in that same time frame. So why on Earth do people purposefully chase these dangerous storms? This week we talk to professional storm chaser Zach Sharpe about chasing storms, the tools of the trade and his most epic chase stories.
Will Print Journalism Survive?
The newspaper, once a juggernaut in the news world, is ready for its second act. This week we talk to Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell about what it's like to work for a major daily newspaper, how people react to his stories and the secrets from the newsroom floor.
What Is The Future For Shock Websites? (Small talk)
In the glory days of the Internet, shock websites were everywhere. Believe it or not, I worked closely with more of these homes on the dark side of the Internet than I'd like to admit. On this Small Talk episode of The News Junkie: Interviews we chat with Hayden Hewitt, co-founder of Live Leak about the future of shocking content, censorship and the Internet.