Interview FAQ

interview faq

The News Junkie wants to interview YOU. I’m sure you have lots of questions and that’s exactly why this FAQ page exists. You can also go over to the Interviews page where you’ll find other interesting people just like you who have been on the show already. These interviews are meant to be fun and informative, creating an entertaining back-and-forth that the listeners and viewers love.

The News Junkie is a radio show with a tagline that sticks: The Three Best Friends You Never Knew You Had Go Through the Most Viral Stories of the Day. The show is based out of Orlando, Florida and broadcast throughout the Southeastern United States. The News Junkie is the most popular radio show in the state of Florida and has continuously ranked as the top podcast in the state. The show is hosted by Shawn Wasson (The News Junkie) and he’s joined by Sabrina Ambra and Chris Lane (C-Lane).

Fans tune in to The News Junkie on the radio and online. The show is broadcast from Orlando, Florida’s Real Radio 104.1 (WTKS) and syndicated on iHeartRadio stations like Real Radio 92.1 (WZZR/West Palm Beach), The Freak 97.1 (KEGL/Dallas), Radio 95.1 (WAIO/Rochester) as well as over a dozen great radio stations in the South. Fans can also stream the show live on iHeartRadio, download the podcast or watch the popular stream on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. The studio is wired with high definition cameras to broadcast in full HD. You can also listen to the show on Alexa devices, Google Home and most other smart speakers via iHeartRadio.

The audience is mostly men and women between 25-54 years old. We have a very diverse total audience and you’ll see people from all backgrounds at our live events. The News Junkie listeners are smart and love an interesting conversation so they’ll be happy to hear your story. Most listeners are based in the South East but we have people all over the United States and in most countries around the world who tune in every day. If there’s a news story going on, we’ve got someone listening nearby!

This is a question a lot of people ask when they get an interview request. However, these interviews don’t follow a script so I can’t tell you exact questions ahead of time. The purpose of the interview is to explore the topic or news story and learn a bit on the way. The purpose is never to be confrontational and your interview will flow from question to question based on how the conversation is going and how the audience is responding. Unlike scripted, stiff interviews, these interviews are fun and easy to listen to and people generally like to share them with others so they can talk about the topic.

Most interviews are conducted over Zoom so we can have video and audio. We can connect with you just about any way you want, though, with options like Skype, Discord, CleanFeed, etc.

Of course, we can get you an MP3 of your appearance or you can edit the YouTube stream to use the video on your website or social media platforms. We usually send these links the same day.