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Trump joke
All right. What a joke for you. What were the Secret Service agents yelling when Donald Trump was being fired at? Donald Duck

Go ahead. Make show clips available. I dare you.
Go ahead. Make Clips available of the show little Clips like that. My sampler is warmed up and ready. It will be an epic freaking tune using samples from the show. Go ahead do it.

Storm Outage Games
Hey News, Junkie talking about activities during a power out during a storm. I remember back in 2004 during Charlie. Uh, I stayed at my buddies. Uh, since my parents had left a few days before the storm hit to go visit my brother in, California. Uh, so he was out of power for about a week. We stayed inside and played Dungeons and Dragons by candle light eating soup out of cans so Um, it was actually pretty fun. Um, pretending we were hobos. So yeah anyways, uh later

I was indirectly hit by lightning 😳
Hey junkies, meld Diva. Here. I was. Almost hit by lightning if not the residual of it. About 20 years ago coming home from work getting out of my car hurrying into the house all of the sudden. I saw a white light I felt heat and when I came to I was on my knees I ran into the house and my knees were all scraped up the lightning had hit the house come through it and then come out the driveway breaking off a piece of the driveway. My car did not run right ever again. It messed up all the electronics in it. And I was electric for about a year every time my cat's nose would touch me I'd get a zap every time I touch the refrigerator I would get a zap. I feel like Now that that's happened lightning knows where I am. So whenever I see lightning I got to get inside. I do not want to test fate again. I'm so happy this young man's alive and able to tell his story but that's my story. Yeah.

Hey there guys. So my name is e and I am from Vermont by the way, Sean, uh, the Northeast Kingdom if you're familiar with it Barton. Anyhow, so I know a guy that's been struck by lightning twice. He lived in Mont pillar our state capitol and the Dome is made of copper. He was in his apartment building about 4 stories up like 4 floors up and the lightning hit the Doom of the capital bounced off and hit him and sent him 10 feet into a closet. Um, and then 2 years later. He was walking down the road and he was struck by lightning again. So lightning duster, excuse me, Lightning does strike twice, uh, but to this day his heart has a murmur and it does skip a beat. Have a great day. If you need some maple syrup, let me know.

Why Sparky Sharky can fly.
Hey there News Junkie. So fun fact, the reason that Daniel actually went flying when he was struck by lightning wasn't due to the force of the lightning hitting his body, but actually due to the force of his own muscles Contracting and the contraction of these muscles can be so great that it can even snap bones when it happens. So little fun fact for you today.

Talk about stuck in your head!
Hey there. Junkie. So talking about things that get stuck in your head about once a week. I just randomly have a thought of beach bash. It uh, it lives rent free in my head, and I just crack up laughing every time it comes along into my thoughts, and I wanted to share that. So, thank you. Bye.

Kill the rabbit
another day with the stupid jingle stuck in my head smart bunny smart bunny stupid bunny hate the bunny smart bunny kill the bunny smart bunny. You're not funny.

Mobile Gaming & Gacha
Hey News, Junkie. So yesterday you were talking about mobile games. Um, yeah, they're designed to get you addicted and uh spending money not not those free to play ones 1 gen called gotcha gets his name from the little vending machines that spit out the little ball capsules over the random toys. So over in Japan's called gotcha Pond, but it's random mechanics and uh, you can get luck of the draw and they they normally feature anime, uh, White foods and husbandos. So it's not unheard of for suspend thousands upon thousands of dollars. Uh, and those are the whales me. I'm a little baby dolphin. I'll spend money here and there, but I'm I'm not spending. Thousand dollars. But anyway, this is uh later.

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