Dispatch FAQ

A Dispatch is an interaction with the show. Generally speaking, people record audio Dispatches to get their opinion on the show. I want you to be heard and your opinion matters. You can also send Photo Dispatches to show us things or Video Dispatches that work just like their audio counterparts but allow us to show your beautiful face on the live stream. Click here to record an Audio Dispatch now or visit the Dispatch page for photos and videos.

Try to keep your Dispatch under a minute or you might get the tuba. The tuba plays if you are droning on for too long. If you have something spectacular, it can be as long as it needs to be and not a second longer. We want to keep the audience's attention and the show moves fast so keep that in mind!

You can talk about whatever you want. Have a spicy take related to a topic discussed on the show? Have some valuable information or details to add to a story? Want to sing us a song or make a joke? Want to ask a member of the show a question? These are all fine reasons to send a Dispatch.

If you send a Dispatch we're probably not going to make fun of you. Unless it's really, really bad. So try to avoid being really, really bad. If your Dispatch is good, you'll get a star, which highlights future submissions and makes your Dispatches stand out!

Make sure to add a brief description with your Dispatch. This is the best way to let us know what the submission is about. Don't go into too many details. In a single sentence, what is your Dispatch about?

You can do this on the Dispatch page.