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Covid for my birthday
Hey guys, happy day. Um yesterday was my birthday. And uh all I got from my birthday was coid. Is there any chance that either any of you would pick me for Fritz on the street to hopefully make my birthday a little better?

Why is no one addressing this?
You know, nobody is addressing this and I keep bringing it up and know it's ignored. a sitting president and a former president have 2 different levels of secret service coverage. A former president does not get the level of security detail from the Secret Service that is sitting president does and the slack is supposed to be picked up by local law enforcement and on a larger event. Sometimes private contractors are higher than paid for so I don't hear anybody talking about this. So I just hear that the secret service failed so Let me know where I'm at here.

Politician with dog (better photo)

Prime Day lies! Many more lies put there.

Your market share report and demographics
Hey guys. Hope you're doing well, uh catching up on the podcast from last week. Congratulations on your market. Share. You guys are crushing it killing the competition and we all know why um, I'm glad I'm a part of that. I am a uh, 40 to 60 year old female, and I'm glad to be part of the percentage. So Sean. If you don't mind, would you please uh see Lane to represent me on Fritz on the street today, uh being such a part of your small demographics. Please hook us sister up. All right guys. Love you guys. Thank you wiggle. Pop pop. See you.

Trumps ear bandage size opinion
Hey junkies, podcast listener. Um, y'all are talking about how large the bandages on Donald Trump's ear. I'm a nurse and I just have to say ears are not easy to bandage. They're weirdly shaped. They got a lot of crevices. So I have a feeling they probably just did the best that they could to cover everything both front and back and it's always better to cover more than less and you know, you don't want your wound hanging out. So I think that probably contributing to the size. Just try to put a bandit on your own ear.

Waited 5 YEARS and finally got a magnet! Game of Magnets Baby!
Hey junkies, hiker mom here. I wanted to give a shout out to the gentlemen in Nera beach at the oldies on 44 who took the magnet off of my car. I have been waiting for someone to take it for months. I drive from a popka to new simra beach 5 days a week and literally nobody is taking it and this guy came up and he got it and he was so excited cuz he said he's been looking for 5 years. So if you're listening sir congrats on your magnet, hopefully you get to keep it longer than just a couple days but congrats game of magnets wiggle pop pop pop.

Harry’s Banana Farm
What's up, everybody? Uh West Palm local here. Just wanted to give a little insight on Harry's that is a trademark of that bar. They are uh very much so gay bar in Lake Worth, uh, right on Dixie there just want to heavily trafficked area and they always have some sort of joke on their sign, uh changes at least weekly, uh typically and it's almost always topical. I mean doesn't make doesn't surprise me that much that they were uh, they were on top of the assassination of trump because they're always very anti-trump and they're saying but yeah, uh, never been there always kind of wanted to go because of the time but uh, yeah, it's Harry's in a nutshell piece.

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