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How Do You Ship A Horse?
Jim Welsh of Elite Horse Transport joins the show to talk about the logistics of getting all of the horses to the Kentucky Derby. How do you get a horse on a plane? How much does it cost to ship a horse from Japan to the United States? Find out now.
A Career In Voiceover
Rider isn't just a major voice in the world of entertainment, with gigs from CBS football to Stephen Colbert and Shark Week, he's also the host of the first radio show Shawn ever worked for!
Blind Sports Announcer
Bryce Weiler has made headlines around the country for calling sports games on the radio despite that fact that he was born blind.
Will An Asteroid Kill Us All?
Planetary astronomer Andy Rivkin is one of the team leads for NASA's DART program to defend the planet from asteroid strikes. How accurate is the new movie Don't Look Up? Are we going to get wiped out?
YouTuber 'Exploring The Nug'
YouTuber 'Exploring the Nug' goes on solo missions to solve cold cases. You won't believe what he finds deep in lakes and rivers. He's going viral for his latest video.
Inside The INSANE World Of NFTs
Shawn dives into the insane and explosively growing world of NFTs with a collector named PackPhour. They discuss how to understand what NFTs are, what The News Junkie is planning to do with NFTs and the future of this exciting breakthrough technology.