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Hollywood has grinded to a halt as another writers' strike starts to have an impact. We talk to a striking writer to see what it's like to writer for King of the Hill, Beavis and Butthead, Just Shoot Me (and tons more) during the strike. Also, what is the life of a writer like in general? What's it like to work on these shows that so many people watch? Michael Jamin fills us in on everything.
Interview With a Psychopath
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She's a psychopath and she's in love with a murderer. However, she's married and her husband knows nothing about any of this. Go on a journey inside the mind of a real psychopath for this 100% real and UNCENSORED interview and brace yourself for the wild ride.
Nearly 7 years ago, one of the worst mass shootings in the history of the United States of America was inflicted on Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. In those 7 years, millions has been donated to an organization called onePULSE but now questions are surfacing about where that money went and some wonder if the owner of Pulse Nightclub is chasing after a big payday.
An anonymous caller joins the show to explain how they fell in love with Bryan Christopher Kohberger, the man suspected of killing 4 University of Idaho students. Jane Doe says she's the most qualified lover to be with the murder suspect and explains her attraction to him.
MrBeast's video '1,000 Blind People See For The First Time' is a mega hit, racking up tens of millions of views and becoming the most popular video on YouTube. Jeff Levenson is the Jacksonville, Florida surgeon that helped pull the stunt off. What was it like working with MrBeast?
David Nussbaum is the founder and CEO of Proto Hologram. The company creates life-sized holograms for various events and they have a brand new product in the pipeline. Is this the future of entertainment and events? Why are auction galleries using this technology? We answer all that in more in this short and fun interview.