Show FAQ

The News Junkie is a syndicated radio show, a multi-platform live stream and a podcast. The show is live from 11AM to 3PM EST Monday thru Friday. You can listen to the show on any of the great stations where it airs, you can listen live on iHeartRadio (Real Radio 104.1) or you can watch on YouTube, Facebook or Twitch. The show features the ‘three best friends you never knew you had’ going over the most viral stories of the day.

Shawn Wasson, The News Junkie, is joined by Sabrina Ambra and Chris Lane (C-Lane).

You can send a Dispatch to get your comments on the show. It’s easy to record an Audio Dispatch or Video Dispatch from this website or The News Junkie app. You can also call the show live via the Discord channel. And finally email to tell your story or share a topic you want discussed on the show.

If you have a business and a marketing budget, email and you will be connected to one of our great sales contacts at iHeartRadio.