Activists Want This Super Bowl Commercial Banned

This Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial may seem totally innocuous to you but some people want it edited or banned entirely from the Big Game broadcast. The ad, featuring a large number of celebrities, showcases the ability to order some unorthodox items from the delivery app. Many of you won't even recognize the scene that is supposed to be controversial so I'll point it out for you.

It's all about the peanuts.

Peanut people: I get it. You have a tougher go at life than most. You have to dodge nuts to survive your journey on this planet and that is not fun. However, don't let your spokespeople be so obnoxious and humorless that they demand everything on the planet be adjusted to accomidate your people.

Seeing peanut people watching this commercial and responding with quotes like "disgusting, tone-deaf and completely unnecessary" is the height of overreaction.

Who isn't upset about this? Uber Eats for one. The video already has millions of views on social media platforms and has drummed up extra press focused on the controversy. Another big winner is Big Peanut. In their case, the only people they risk pissing off aren't capable of boycotting their product on account of the deadly allergy.

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