Sponsorship Opportunities


The News Junkie Radio Show

Live Reads: Live Reads are in-content (during the show, not commercials) ads that are read by a personality on the show. These ads are highly effective and really grab the attention of the audience. Live Reads can be static or dynamic – stick to the script or (preferably) change up the message daily or weekly.

Sponsored Dispatches: Dispatches are a key element of the show and you can sponsor the Dispatches, awarding a prize for the person with the Dispatch of the Day to really drum up some attention. The audience gets creative and comes up with songs, jokes and other content that promotes your company or product in a clever way.

Sponsored Segments: The show has various segments like Live Trivia, The Next Episode, This Week In Florida and so many more. With Creative Partnerships, we can even come up with custom segments that promote through entertainment, increasing the effectiveness of the ad.

& so much more


Presenting Sponsor: Listeners will hear your message in a short ad at the beginning of the podcast. ‘The News Junkie podcast is brought to you by YOU’ could be one of the first things listeners hear when the show begins.

Live Reads: Live Reads during podcast are incredibly effective. Podcast listeners are different from broadcast listeners because they all start listening to the show from the beginning instead of popping in and out of the live broadcast. These ads can be at the beginning, in the middle or even at the end of the podcast each day.

Produced Spots: You can also use your creativity (or borrow ours) to run a :15, :30 or :60 produced advertisement in various spots of the show.


Live Broadcasts: Several times each year the show hits the road and packs various venues during our infamous live broadcasts. This option is great for bars, restaurants and other venues that want to build audience.

Ultimate Pinewood Derby: Our annual Ultimate Pinewood Derby Event takes the Pinewood Derby competitions of your childhood to the next level. Listeners compete in Rules or No Rules categories with creative cars that include rockets, wind power and lots of other surprises.

Just OK Holiday Party: Our legendary year end blowout may be called the Just OK Holiday Party but it’s one of the most popular events of the year in Orlando. Thousands of people converge to watch bands, stage performers and insane moments play out on a massive stage. You can get your message to this audience with one of our event packages that range from Presenting Sponsor to a much more tailor sponsorship that allows for smaller businesses to take advantage of the opportunity as well.

The News Junkie App

The News Junkie app is a huge part of the radio show as it allows anyone who is listening to be a part of what we are doing. With more than 100,000 downloads, more than 5 million lines in chat and countless Dispatches sent in each week, the app creates a direct connection with listeners.

Opportunities Coming Soon

The News Junkie: Weekend Edition

Live Reads: The News Junkie: Weekend Edition opens the live read potential to an even larger market with stations in more than a dozen cities in Florida and Georgia spreading the word about your company. These Live Reads offer the opportunity to have a member of the show promote your brand for a more budget-friendly price.

Network Ads: Get your message out there! Your :15, :30 or :60 ad will air on all stations on our network. You can update these ads on a weekly basis to test new copy or deals and get them in front of a large listening audience.

Station/City Specific: If you’re looking to promote your company in specific cities, this is the perfect option. Your creative ad will run on stations of your choice in cities like Orlando, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Atlanta and many more. This is useful for market testing, budget-friendly pricing and the ability to promote your company in only the markets that matter to you. There’s no need to waste budget on a city where you aren’t operating.

Creative Partnerships

The best promotions are creative, fun and connect with the listener in a way that they won’t soon forget. Line up a call with the crew and let us brainstorm some unique and creative ways to integrate your message with the show.

Some of the previous partnerships have involved Game of Magnets, big giveaways and creative integrations. We can help you grow your social presence, build your email list or just drive conversation about your company.

With Creative Partnerships, nothing is out of reach and the integration with the show can be as seamless or obvious as your campaign demands. Reach out to us today to schedule a call and we’ll get the ball rolling with an idea that excites you, works for us and engages the audience.