Update To The Personal Update

It’s time for a change.


Some of you have followed me since the days of Bareknucklepolitics.com… which seems like an eon ago at this point. I want to thank those of you who have come here day in and day out, watched my videos, read my posts and commentary, and listened to The News Junkie radio show. My time with Clear Channel radio has been an amazing experience but, alas, it’s time to move on.

Early next week I’ll be hopping on a one-way flight to Chicago. You will still be able to read my content on this space and follow me as I move forward. I will be taking a position with the Tribune. The News Junkie Radio show will continue from there — more on that later.

For the next few days, there won’t be much in the way of posts here… I will, however, be updating my Twitter throughout my journey. I’m going to create a post on top of this one that will embed my Twitter feed in this page. By next Thursday, I should be back to blogging at full speed with more details on The News Junkie radio show in the Windy City.

Get ready for big things, people…

A Day In The Life: 9/11 Tribute Fail

United We Stand – In Memory Of 9/11/02

I’ve seen some pretty amazing September 11 tributes in the past few years. I’ve been to Ground Zero and laid eyes on the damage myself. In fact, just around the corner from where the World Trade Centers once stood there is a fire station where some of the first responders came from. On the wall outside that station there is an amazing tribute to the attacks and the brave acts of firefighters from that particular station, along with the names of the dead. I’ve also seen the bad, bizarre tributes to 9/11 to people who seem to only half understand what happened that day. People who are more focused on the flag-waving and marching as opposed to really thinking about what happened and what we can do to prevent it from happening again — as well as remembering how everyone seemed to come together and put politics aside, if only for a moment. It was an amazing, unforgettable day and I remember it well.

But today, as I was walking my dog around the neighborhood, I saw this airbrushed memorial on a tow truck parked nearby. It says ‘United We Stand’ with a emotional image of firefighters raising the flag amid some unexplained lightening. The truck is owned by some company called James Jr. Towing and they are based in West Palm Beach, FL. So what’s the problem with that, you say? Well, below this emotional imagery you can read ‘In Memory of 9/11/02′. The attacks took place a year earlier, in 2001, and unless this is some bizarre tribute to the first anniversary of 9/11, it’s a big giant FAIL. It’s almost like getting a tattoo with a misspelled name.