Potential Juror For Zimmerman Murder Trial Lies To Get His Revenge?

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 6.19.18 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 6.19.18 PM


Did Jerry Counelis attempt to sabotage the Zimmerman trial?

Today, a potential juror in the Zimmerman trial was caught in a web of lies. He was known in court as Juror E7 and he claimed to have watched Fox News on the regular. He also said he wasn’t into politics and claimed ignorance on most issues related to the case.

Then, this happened.

The juror talked about his love of guitars, among other topics.

After some searching, I think this is possibly the offending post:

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 6.22.48 PM

“…..In Sanford…& I CAN tell you THIS. “Justice”…IS Coming!…& I’ll tell you why. The ONLY reason this corrupt City Police dept. was stonewalling was because since they KNOWINGLY worked with this Self-appointed “Neighborhood Watch” Security…& KNEW he carried a weapon…They knew they AND the Homeowners Association were Liable for HUGE $$$ damages in court…MINUTES after the shooting occurred. But with the noise WE made…it couldn’t be covered up. I only hope the Feds go farther than just THIS case in investigating This “Police Force”. The Seminole County “Justice’ System needs an ENEMA…& they just MIGHT GET one!”

Boy, if this is our guy, seems like he was into politics more than just a little bit (here’s his Change.org profile). In fact, it seems that he was not only interested in this case but also interested in pretending to be the ‘average joe’ he thought the defense and prosecution would choose to sit on the jury – a juror who would ultimately determine the fate of George Zimmerman. Thankfully, this was caught early and he was likely bounced. If he wasn’t, you would have had clear grounds for an appeal, no matter the sentence.

I believe it was Jerry Counelis because this was the only Zimmerman-related post on the date given by the judge. There are just over 20 comments on that particular post and few are from people living in Central Florida. Not only does Jerry Counelis live in Lake Mary, he also has dozens of photos of guitar and instruments, just as juror E7 did.

Counelis or not, shouldn’t a juror be punished for outright lying in an attempt to get seated on a jury? It’s my opinion that many of these jurors are trying to give the ‘right’ answer in hopes of landing an ‘exciting’ juror gig. But there is a man’s life a stake here. What should happen to Juror E7?

I tried to contact Jerry Counelis via a publicly listed number for comment. No one answered the listed number. I’m going to reach out via Facebook to confirm.

Update: WESH says Juror E7 called the Sanford police department ‘corrupt.’ This matches the post in the screenshot above from Counelis. Legal experts say he could be arrested and sentenced for perjury among other charges.

Update: E7 has been officially dismissed.

Update: Local 6 confirms dismissed juror is Jerry Counelis.

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