New Racy Photos Of Casey Anthony


Several new photos have surfaced featuring Casey Anthony in various states of undress, partying and drinking. These racy images show Casey urinating near a vehicle, flashing her breasts and acting sexual with several different men. The sexy photos show a new side to Casey Anthony that hasn’t yet been seen to this point in the investigation. Clearly, Casey was a party girl who was very interested in men, drinking and attending parties where you don’t where any clothes. Yeah, that’s right, in one of the photos Casey Anthony is nude, save for an American flag. CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL OF THE PHOTOS NOW.

The third birthday of a missing Orlando toddler came Saturday with still no sign of the little girl, despite her family’s hope that she would be home by then.

A vigil for Caylee Marie Anthony was held Friday night. Her 22-year-old mother, Casey Marie Anthony, remains jailed on $500,000 bond on charges of child neglect, failing to immediately report her daughter’s disappearance and lying to police. She plans to go back to court to again ask a judge to lower her bond.

A pond near the home of the tot’s grandparents was searched by Orange County dive teams Friday in what police described as a routine monthly training exercise; three submerged vehicles were found, according to Two of them had been reported stolen to Orlando police.

The retention pond is off Chickasaw Trail, less than a mile from the home of Cindy and George Anthony, where Casey and Caylee had been living until around the time of the child’s disappearance on or around June 16.

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  1. Patty says:

    Samantha get the help you need, or you may be the next Casey Anthony. And go on a diet you Fat Pig. What’s the matter Sam? Did my Trailer Trash comment hit too close to home? CASEY IS A MURDERING CYCLOPS HORSEFACED SKANK AND I HOPE SHE GETS WHAT’S COMING TO HER. SHE’S DEFINATELY A NEW BREED OF LYING SLUT, I HOPE SHE’S NOT A SIGN OF THINGS TO COME. IF SO, WE’RE ALL DOOMED. Anybody that thinks Casey Anthony is hot, obviously doesn’t get out much, is on drugs or just plain trailer trash. Comprende’? And oh Yeah, Wash that nasty thing, it stinks.

  2. kevin says:

    I feel so bad for this little girl casey is heartless to kill her kid like that. On a side not though she is a very sexy girl and its a shame she did that cause it is a waste of some good pussy. Id love to be put in a room alone with her id make her pay for what she did.

  3. […] process, I think I have it all figured out. Turns out, this may be much more shocking than those slutty Casey Anthony photos I posted. The defense team hasn’t even hinted about what story they will tell. But they told […]

  4. MAX says:

    do you think shes hot?

  5. MAX says:

    I apologize for leaving the comment is she hot? It wasnt
    appropriate to ask that to you and everyone who is viewing these comments.



  7. rbitterm says:

    she is definately smokin’ hot…and that is why this is such a media circus…because she is a young, good looking chick that is immature and lies. that is typical of someone her age that is accused of something, isn’t it? every time that someone on COPS or whatever gets pulled over and the cop asks them if they’ve been drinking; thay always say no. same thing with her. i think something happened to her daughter and was an accident, but because of her being immature, she is lying and trying to cover it up…just like when you were younger and put a scratch in dads new car, you tried to fix it yourself and cover it up. only when that failed you had to tell him as a last resort.

    but the bottom line is that i would totally do her.

  8. Just me says:

    pingoo if you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be here. As for banging Casey’s brains out, she doesn’t have any, so dream on! And not all of us are sluts and act like sluts out on the town. As for the knowledge of the system, she fails!

    I think she will talk one day and to the wrong person! This will all come to an end. Might be 5 years or even 10 years, she can still be charged with murder! 😕

  9. jeff says:

    pingo the only people that think oj is cool are people like u…if u have no problems with the pics of casey hobag anthony then i’m sure u have none with oj”s…point is the same people are taking those pictures…and i don’t know who u hang around but i know nobody that thinks oj is cool..the only ones that possibly do are the ones who are taking those pics of him..get it? and they have IQ’S hovering around 60…


  10. Just me says:

    Oh I totally agree with you Rebecca! She is no lady by far!

  11. Bones says:

    Yes, I want her to be the mother of my child, but I’ll take care of the child.

    Casey is not evil, just misunderstood.

  12. jeff says:

    max you are one dumb fool….are u that stupid to think she’s innocent simply because u think she’s hot? i agree that she’s hot…but she’s far from innocent…real far..i’m ashamed of my sex when i read comments like this..your IQ can’t be over 65 …..what is it about some men that when they think a girl is attractive they all of the sudden lose their brain power…i don’t know but i’m proud to say that i don’t..when this ho is convicted i’m gonna do a jig…


  13. kristina says:

    I think you are one big fuckin asshole……..all you are looking at are her looks…….you think she is incapable of such a crime because of her looks…wake up you dumb motherfucka…i wish i could punch you in your ugly fucking face just for that little beautiful child that that bitch killed so she can go party and show her bonny ass off! and the bitch aint all
    I cry every time i see that baby sing on tv in that high chair …but nooooooooo alll your dumb ass thinks about is your dick getting hard when you see that skank murdering bitch. all i have to say to you is…..may god help you..because you need it. she doesnt even seem concerned about her baby missing. I bet you don’t even know all the details your just looking at the skank she is. fuck off asswipe

  14. jeff says:

    bones i’m convinced u have somehow lost every brain cell u may have once had….u r saying that even if she DID do this heinous crime that she SHOULDN’T be in convicted and in prison..what r u on ? so u think having her around to make more kids to kill is fair and just to the rest of this world? first of all i think she did this on purpose anyway, but i’ll give u the benifit of the doubt and say it was an accident, and if it was u think it’s safe to have her around anyone else? and i just love how u call this just a “mistake” as if she forgot to go to the store and get milk…someone DIED because of her and whether it was an accident or on purpose she should be in prison for long, long, time..that’s the way our justice system works..we don’t just say “oh well” if somebody is the cause of another persons death…kind of makes sense doesn’t it? i don’t know how u could have posted what u did with a straight face..


  15. jeff says:

    bones how can u sit there and say there isn’t any evidence against this woman…are u stymied so much by her looks as well that u all of the sudden have an IQ of 65…there’s a boatload of eveidence against her…let’s start off with her car and the so sweet aroma that exuded from it when authorities opened up the trunk…or how about her lies, lies, lies yeaaah..there are too many to count in one post but there are a myriad of them to cops ranging from making up she dropped caylee off at the non- existent nanny’s house the day she went missing to telling them she worked at universal studious when she wasn’t,,and there are so many more…. how about her borrowing a shovel from the neighbors and then cadaver dogs getting a hit of decomposistion in her back yard…her searching for chloroform on the internet…her partying incessantly AFTER her child was missing as if she could give 2 hoots and a hollar as to what happened to her daughter…and there are just so many more i’d get carpal tunnel syndrome if i tried to list them all…and how in the world can u think a person thinking this skank is guilty beyond belief has anything to do with jealousy…are u kidding me….it’s the other way around if anything which means that certain moronic people think she’s innocent simply because she’s attractive, now how unbelievably twisted is that?…i’m a guy and i think she’s guilty as sin and also think she’s very hot, so i would have no reason to be jealous of her looks..and the women on this board who think she’s guilty (which is just about all of them by the way) aren’t jealous either, they just have more tham 25 brain cells…so try this post on for size


  16. R. U. Kiddingmee says:

    I hope you’re being ironic.
    Count Bones in as one of long line of guys/girls writing Casey in prison, and proposing marriage. Your sympathy for this chick is crazy. Seriously.
    Just because it happens all the time doesn’t mean the case needs to be dismissed.

    Your post reeks of someone that has body parts hidden around their house.

    Post here again when she accepts your proposal.

  17. jeff says:

    another idiotic wimpy “male” who thinks she’s innocent because she’s hot..this makes me ashamed of my own sex…jeez. i really didn’t know that men are this led by their penis….i’m not but i can’t beleive the number that are…i feel sorry for many of u women out there..boy the pickins are slim


  18. brandywine says:

    fucking insane! I always look at all angles, from the grandpa or grandma mabie even the guy who found her. the boyfriend? but it is so obvious from all of the lies that Casey was the lead here. At first I thought she left the baby in a hot car and has made up this whole fantasy because she was ashamed. but now she has been found and she hasnt cracked. Its obvious she was involved and I am now beleiving she did it all on her own. that whole innocent until proven guilty thing is bullshit anyway. We all know its guilty until proven innocent and in this case Im more than cool with it.

  19. jeff says:

    let’s see a pic of you in a bikini…just to compare,… purely for those purposes 😀

  20. kristina says:

    lol…what a fucking idiot……burn in hell asshole!

  21. marie says:


  22. kristina says:

    listen dumbass….that just proves the point that men think with their dicks….I really believe that men are stupid as hell and women really can get anything they want from them if they play their cards right. I hope a bitch plays your ass to the fullest cause you deserve it bitch ass motherfucka

  23. kristina says:

    and just to let you know…im so glad they found that baby so she can have a proper buriel….now that chickenhead bitch is definitely getting convicted…no doubt..and i don’t care if she was the most beautiful bitch on earth (which she is not)but i know that she is going to jail where she deserves to be. I hope them women beat the fuck outta that ho. I have been to federal prison before and I know how it is. she is a child murdering bitch and she is going down believe me . and if I was still there and she came to conneticut..I myself would kick that bitches ass. believe that!

  24. brandywine says:

    misunderstood? no she is just fuckin crazy. How could she do such a thing?

  25. aj says:

    Ive read alot of comments on this site yours seems to be one of the few that really seems to get it right. It’s so unfortunate that poor Caylee had to be born to a Mother with so many problems. I hope she gets what she deserves life in prison, everyday to sit and think about how she hurt the very person she was responible to keep safe. Shes a sorry sick person.

  26. Chris says:

    While he may be a mark ass trick, you are the biggest ego having extreme feminist bitch I have ever seen. Of course guys think with there dick, but if you don’t see half the guys on here are saying what they are saying to fuck with people like you, then not only are you being a bitch but you are as big a dumbass as you call everyone else. Don’t bother replying, I only said all that to fuck with you cause it’s so easy to do

  27. James says:

    Of course Heather most of us guys on here would POUND THAT PUSSY until she can’t walk, but she’s still GUILTY.

  28. brandywine says:

    why would anyone want to do someone who killed a little girl and is such a liar. Its obvious that she has done this no matter what the circumstances are. Doesnt this count for anything when a guy wants a woman? I think all the media showing pictures of her out partying is making everyone like-wow shes pretty. and she is- but then you see the pics like the ones above and she looks normal and I see flaws. Whats really scary is that people who do these horrible things with these serious problems look so freakin normal. she probably has been manipulating the reality of her problems for a long time.

  29. brandywine says:

    my baby is about the same age too. I would be freaking out and screaming for help if my babysitter was gone with my kid, how could she expect anyone to believe her bullshit? I cant believe how into this case I have become. I try to stay objective but the anger creeps in. I hope she gets her “Pretty?” face ripped off in prison.

  30. brandywine says:

    why would anyone fuck a child murderer?

  31. brandywine says:

    she doesnt deserve what she wants. she doesnt deserve to gloat. she is damned

  32. brandywine says:

    my god since she was a bad girl you all think she is game and want to do her. think of that pretty little girl lying cold in a garbage bag in a mire for months. murdered. Who would want to touch Casey Anthony. the human race this generation is souring. I want what would have been caylees generation to pull out of this funk

  33. brandywine says:

    instead of justice, hey shes young shes hot lets rape her cause she likes to party and has been bad. your all just like her. your fucking instincts are evil.

  34. brandywine says:

    what was the deal in the video a day or two before she died shes sitting in the old mans lap just hanging on to him quiet and looking around. It looks like she was traumatized by something. My kid would never sit in a elderly persons lap like that unless she seen them everyday and they were more active. Ive seen that look on my daughters face after being scared. Then in the same video she is reading a book and singing(so young and so well spoken for her age!) they found that book at the crime scene. What the hell happenned?

  35. brandywine says:

    you said it all

  36. brandywine says:

    you are ignorant.

  37. Stephanie in Seattle says:

    I agree brandywine, this investigation is so frustrating. I wish I could go in there and ask her a few questions of my own, then maybe we could get her to talk. But I suppose we have no choice but to leave it to the FL investigators and detectives and prosecuting attorneys who I know probably have children of their own and desire just as much as we do to know what happened to sweet little Caylee just as much as we do.

    To all of the guys who have posted on here that you would have sex with her… well I think that you are all admitting that you view women as nothing more than a pussy to stick it to, and weather or not you would stick it to her is based solely on her physical appearance. Bravo. You win the gold medal for being driven only by your animal instincts, hey, isn’t that the cool thing to do these days?

    To all the people who think that this case has been sensationalized by the media because Casey is an attractive white female, that is a total cop out! Casey, Cindy, George and Lee are the ones who have sensationalized this case with their repeated lies and story changes and practically incomprehensible jibber jabber. I think Casey’s age and the age of Caylee have much to do with it as well, and not to mention the fact that this started out as a missing person’s case of a reportedly missing beautiful little three year old girl. So, it was actually Caylee’s beauty and youthful innocence and the terrible concern for her throughout this country was what popularized this story. How it has unfolded, as determined by the Anthony’s, is what has popularized it.

    I am 23 and I have a two year old little girl… I agree that if I didn’t know where my daughter was for five minutes, or if someone kept her away from me… I would turn into the incredible hulk mom and ravage the city until she was back safe in my arms. I am so careful about who she is with and how long she is away. I have learned from the worldwide media that there are FAR TOO MANY sick people in this world who are capable of physical, emotional, sexual and psychological abuse of children. You will not be able to know who these people are by just looking at them or meeting them, that is the scariest thing.

    I just saw the clip of Nancy Grace’s interview of Casey’s ex-fiance (hot guy by the way, I would totally do him) and he said that Casey broke off their engagement because she felt like he loved Caylee more then her. I think that she also felt that her parents loved Caylee more than her.

    I will also mention that I really feel that it was her good looks that got her into this mess. Some girls really lose their bodies with pregnancy and often stop doing much about keeping up their looks (getting their hair and nails done, going tanning, etc.) I think for them they are able to settle into their new lives as giving, sacrificing mothers and occasionally revisit their youth with a holiday party or friend’s birthday party… only to find that it wasn’t what they remembered it to be and while a good time, more exhausting that it’s worth. Casey instead was only 19 when her daughter was born. I started my partying when I was 19 and then my daughter was born just after I turned 21. Casey was just getting started and probably fell into hard drugs due to the severe depression that comes along with being a young, single mom. So, combine drugs, depression and a strong desire to live out her youth with lots of “fun” and “friends” and you have an very unstable mother.

    I could go on for hours as I have become obsessed with this story, as so many of us have. But, I’ll just say that I want to know why Cindy let Casey leave with Caylee. I mean, it looks like the two were bed hopping. Perhaps it was easier to dope Caylee up for the night, let her sleep in the trunk while Casey partied all night long, rather than impose on her friends. Clearly she was not welcome at her parents.

    I am mad that Caylee is being denied her funeral service so that Casey’s defense can reexamine her precious remains. I know it is an ugly reality of the case, but when you look at it from far away, it is so sad that Casey is still able to prolong the suffering of that sweet, innocent little girl by trying to prove that she is not guilty of the crime. Leave whats left of her little body alone Casey and just admit that you did it!!! If there was a chance to redeem herself it would be now… but no… she will have them put off the funeral/memorial to have them further disturb Caylee’s remains. Imagine if that was the remains of someone you loved. Or, imagine if they were yours.

    I feel strongly that the whole truth will come out. I feel like Casey has decided, probably based on her attorneys recommendation, to hold the story until she can have it published and sold. The only thing you can ever really have in prison is money.

    Casey, if you read this, please give that sweet little girl her peace and admit to your crime. Don’t let those people pick her apart anymore, just let her be buried in the ground like she should have been to begin with. But, I suppose if you didn’t care when you dumped her, there’s no reason for you to care now. Why was her skull detached from her body? What did you do to her? Why? Why? Why? Who helped you? The world may not know these answers but I believe that we will all reap what we sow. I don’t want to be near you when it’s time for you to reap your consequences.

    P.S. A final note to the men who would love to fuck Casey… we’ll I wouldn’t go set up a visit with her once she’s released into the general population… they don’t really pass out the protection around those places… and guess what? Those nasty, infected prison bitches wanna fuck Casey JUST as bad as you do! She is going to suffer… I just hope that at some point she realizes the gravity of what she did and that it tears her apart. If she gets life, I expect suicide. Sad, but losing Caylee is sadder.

  38. Robert J Perkins says:

    chubby chaser!!! she has a nice ass!!!

  39. Tracy says:

    Good job Jeff!!….kudos to you!!.the whole world is missing the point here, she killed her daughter!!..wish everybody would stop looking at her outside and see her evil inside!!…wow!!…how horrible to see just the superficial side of somebody and not notice the REAL side of her.

  40. Robert J Perkins says:

    Your jelus.Shes hot

  41. Mimi says:

    The thing is despite the fact that she’s good looking, she took her insecurites out on a helpless child. If she wanted to enjoy her youth why the Phuck couldn’t she use protection or birth control?? To me that just makes me realize that she’s Mentally Challenged and a stupid whack job. She could have avoided so much of this Garbage if she just stopped and asked the shmuck she was Boning that night to wrap it up, or take the extra precaution herself. But SHE made the decision to ride it BAREBACK and enjoy it. Yet Caylee gets pointed out as being the blame for being concieved out of Casey’s rash mistake? Casey robbed HERSELF of her own youth because she is a skank, didn’t take any precaution, and took a risk without thinking of the consequenses. She blamed and murdered her child for her Phuck up. But hey, if whacking off to murdering sluts is your thing, then go right on ahead. It doesn’t sicken me that Casey is hot. It sickens me that some men can still fantasize about doing all sorts of sexual acts on her DESPITE THE FACT SHE BRUTALLY MURDERED AN INFANT. It makes me wonder who the whack jobs really are. I’ve dreamed of motherhood but people like Casey WASTE it for selfish reasons.

  42. Mimi says:

    I have to agree with you on one part. If she happens to beat this case by some major, crazy, oddball,, fluke (which I pray that she doesn’t and she goes down hard) there is honestly no way she could ever live this case down. She would be constantly harrassed, hounded and stalked by citizens outraged by the whole case. Wherever she goes, moves or runs to, someone will always recognize her and her family and pin her to the case. She is pretty much marked for Life. If you go on youtube, someone who had waaaayyy too much time on their hands made a short movie out of all of the images on Casey’s old photobucket account. For the most part, most of the images displayed her obsession with her self image. It makes you want to pick her brain and wonder what the heck was going on in there. I kinda think it’s hollow in there for the most part….But it’s worth a look/see. Just Type in her name in youtube and you should find it.

  43. Mimi says:

    Honestly, as a woman who loves children and desires to have her own, I envy Casey Anthony because she had something precious like motherhood. And I hate her with every fiber of my being and want to wipe her off of the face of the planet for destroying that blessing. How could she waste something so beautiful as that? It just kills me inside. And if I were a parent, you best believe I’d be like a MOTHER HEN when it came to my baby’s whereabouts. I would smother that baby to death with so much love and affection that my child would grow up being sick of me. When I look at that angelic cherub face of Caylee’s it just makes my heart sink. And I am embarassed to admit that sometimes my throat gets raw when I see her pictures. Because any woman has the maternal instinct to protect an infant like Caylee even if she wasn’t their child. How could you not want to protect a beautiful child such as that? How could you not want to provide for her? Love her? Nurture her? Keep a tender eye on her and watch her grow up and call you “Mother”? Man eating harlots like Casey exist today and are the very reason why children get tangled in the system. Women like her are allowed to reproduce yet outraged people like us watches her display not a SHRED OF SHAME and senselessly destroying that life. I hate her for it and she disgusts me. She is a despicable human being. A true piece of trash. And I hope she gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  44. Regular Dude says:

    I totally agree she should be put to death. After having sex with me. Protected, of course, for obvious reasons including the prevention of another child who would be killed. Maybe we could sentence her to death by getting nailed by me. That would rule.

  45. crystal says:

    😈 You should not be writing stupid crap like that a poor little girl is dead right now and you have the nerve to talk about having sex with this crazy bitch what is wrong with you?

  46. hilly says:

    SHE IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY you ignorant cunt,maybe you could base your comments on facts not media.You dumb bitch

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