Convicted Bulgarian Businessman Cuts Off Fingers To Protest Jail Sentence

Bulgarian Businessman Fingers


Bulgarian Businessman Fingers

The man in the image above, Ivaylo Zartov, is protesting a 9 year jail sentence for fraud by cutting off his fingers, one by one. He’s recording the ordeal to draw attention to his plight.

Zartov cut off the little finger of his left hand on Sunday in his apartment in the metropolitan district “Gotse Delchev”.

Days earlier Zartov told the Belgian TV program ’24 Hours’ that he will make this extreme step because he despaired of Corruption in the Bulgarian judicial system after the Supreme Court upheld his sentence of nine years in prison for financial fraud. Ivaylo Zartov did not seek medical attention before proceeding with this drastic action, he simply read on the internet what to do to stop the bleeding.

“I do not see another way, if no one hears my message I will cut off three more fingers in protest. The court refused to collect evidence, and in the 37 volumes of evidence they did have, nothing in them suggests guilt. And yet condemn me,” says Zartov.

The incredibly tough to watch video is below:

Source: Dir.Bg (Article in Bulgarian)

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