Chinese Women Endure The Most Intense Job Training I Have Ever Seen

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Here in the States, to get a job at TGIFridays, you need to show up (preferably not drunk) and ask for a job. Your chances of landing the gig increase exponentially if you’re wearing shoes during the interview but flip-flops are also accepted. If you have a tattoo on your face, you should probably cover it up with an old Guns N Roses bandana, or something similar. What I’m scratching at here is it’s pretty damn easy to get the gig and keep it. At Dandong Arirang Restaurant in China, however, things are a bit more intense.

The video above is currently racking up HUGE numbers in China and spreading.

Here’s a rundown of the action:

■ 0:00 – 6:05
The staff of roughly two dozen waitresses in red dresses line up and await the orders of a stern woman dressed in black. Together they shout motivational phrases such as (according to China Daily) “The fastest way to success is following the right people doing the right things.”

Also, they engage in Beijing Olympic opening ceremony-caliber synchronized routines. It’s sort of a combination of a chorus line, army drills, pattycake, and the Soul Train.

■ 6:05 – 7:56
Now it’s time for the “line of fire” which appears to be a tablecloth stretched and held at both ends by several additional members of the hotel staff. One by one, the women rush towards the line of fire only to be flung backwards by the mighty cloth. The rest of the restaurant staff watch on while steady clapping.

■ 7:56 – 10:57
Unable to overcome the line of fire, the women band together and begin hurling waitresses over the cloth one by one. At this point the viewer wonders what any of this has to do with waiting tables. With only the woman in black and one waitress left, they again try to charge themselves into the table cloth. Then, the woman in black selflessly bends over so that the final waitress may climb over her to get across the line.

■ 10:57 – 12:29
Alone, the woman in black tries again to run across the line. This goes on for a painfully long time until the woman can barely stand by herself. Meanwhile the viewer is wondering how much these people get paid.

Then they just drag her physically drained body across the damn line of fire.

■ 12:29 – 13:37
Exhausted and visibly shaken, the waitress and woman in black prepare for a final rally cry. Unfortunately, they lack the coordination of their previous efforts and some girls collapse here and there. I think at the 13:34 mark one of the girls gets clipped in the face by the woman in black madly waving her flag.

By this time, the whole affair has taken on a creepy cult-like vibe that makes the viewer feel kind of dirty for being a part of it.

■ 13-37 – 15:46
The ladies cool off by doing a quick shuffle step back into formation and shoot off a few more recitations. They then take a bow and head off to the back room to vomit.

The manager of this particular T.G.I Friday’s says he was pleased with the waiting staff’s performance and feels they really made the grade to serve your Tostado Nachos properly. Well done, gals!

So, do they all get to keep their jobs? Or do we execute one for good measure?

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