Amanda Berry Update: Why Psychic Sylvia Browne Is An Asshole

Sylvia Browne - credit E. Chris Wisner Photography


For 19 months, Louwana Miller refused to give up hope that her missing daughter might still be alive.

Not anymore.

Desperate for any clue as to Amanda Berry’s whereabouts, and tired of unanswered questions from authorities, Miller turned to a psychic on Montel Williams’ nationally syndicated television show.

The psychic said what the FBI, police and Miller hadn’t.

“She’s not alive, honey,” Sylvia Browne told her matter-of-factly. “Your daughter’s not the kind who wouldn’t call.”

With those blunt words, Browne persuaded Miller to accept a grim probability that has become more likely with each passing day.

Amanda Berry’s mother, Louwana Miller, believed Browne “98 percent”. She gave up soon after.

Despite the fact that scam artist Sylvia Browne said she pictured Amanda Berry’s jacket in a dumpster with “DNA on it,” Amanda Berry made her way to a phone yesterday and dialed 911. She was still alive after all these years. Her mother, however, wasn’t. After giving in to the news from Browne that her daughter was dead, Louwana Miller’s heart gave out, leaving many to suggest she died of a broken heart.

She had no clue that her daughter was very much alive and breathing in Ariel Castro’s house.

And for this reason, and many, many more, Sylvia Browne is a terrible person. Every news outlet that gives her airtime should be ashamed – they should ALL remember this moment.

Sylvia Browne - credit E. Chris Wisner Photography

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