Alexis Colson Has Sex With 16 Year-Old Boy, Gives Him Her Lace Panties



Alexis Anne Colson, of Land O’Lakes, sent the boy instructions on where to meet on Jan. 22, then she drove him to another location in Hudson where they had sex, according to a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office report.

Detectives found the instructions on the teen’s tablet, as well as “at least 15 explicit pictures” of Colson. The boy told detectives that Colson sent him the pictures. He also had a pair of black lace underwear he said were hers.

Apparently the affair became public after the teen borrowed a friend’s phone and returned it with racy messages from Alexis Colson in the inbox. He then ‘opened up’ to this friend about the sexual relationship he was having with Colson. After the news broke, she went into hiding.

alexis colson twitter

Above is a photo from her now deleted Twitter profile.

She also mentions, in her Twitter updates, her daughter, who appears to be the same age as the boy who was banging her. A quick search brings up her Google Plus profile, loaded up with the images below. (WARNING: WEIRD LADY FACES BELOW)







alexis 119

alexis 049

alexis 045

alexis 017

alexis 012

She’s also on YouTube. From the outside looking in, she appeared to be a religious, family-based woman who dearly loves her daughters. Problem is, she also likes some 16 year-old kid and she acted on that by banging him, sending him nude photos and gifting him her lace panties. That was, upon reflection, a pretty fucking terrible idea.

At this point, if you’re 16 and you aren’t getting laid by a teacher or random older cougar like Alexis Colson, you must be doing something wrong. Take a deep look at yourself and, god damnit, TRY HARDER, MAN.

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