Cold Snap Leaves Millions of People in Texas Without Power

On Tuesday some 70% of the country was dealing with freezing temperatures as multiple winter storms collided, creating some of the coldest temperatures cities in Texas and Louisiana have ever seen. As the temperatures dropped, residents, many of whom are unfamiliar with battling temps this low, struggled to cope. Increased demand from home heating and entertainment caused the energy markets to react with higher spot prices. Natural gas, coal, nuclear and renewable energy (windmills) facilities found themselves struggling as well. The instruments in many of these locations froze under the extremely low temperatures.

This prolonged stretch of unseasonably cold weather has left millions without power in Texas alone. Residents also find themselves battling pipes, frozen over as the temperatures dropped. Government representatives and power company executives say the outages could last for some time as more bad weather may be on the way.

Texas officials are assuring residents that this is simply a matter of the facilities being unable to operate the equipment because of the low temperatures. This is not a situation where someone or some organization has compromised the power grid.

“The Texas power grid has not been compromised. The ability of some companies that generate the power has been frozen,” Governor Greg Abbott wrote on Twitter. “They are working to get generation back on line.”

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