Tom Brady Goes Wild At Tampa Bay Super Bowl Victory Parade

Tom Brady was having the time of his life at the victory parade for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team. At different points he showed of his new multi-million dollar boat, tossed the Super Bowl trophy to his favorite target Gronk (who was on another boat) and attempted to talk to the media only to have a friend shield him from the cameras.

Brady looked to be having a good time, with some claiming he may have had a few too many to drink. ‘Is anyone working today?,’ the Super Bowl champ asked a Tampa-area reporter, ‘no way’ he said.

This was one of the last events on the post-Super Bowl victory trail for Brady and the Bucs. The traditional Disney World visit was heavily limited due to ongoing concerns about the Coronavirus. Brady plans to stay with the Tampa team to defend the title next year.

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